I feel guilty. I did borrow the money. I did spend it.

Funnily enough, you have absolutely no need to feel guilty. In point of fact you were conned big-time, and should actually feel very angry at having been deceived. That should be your real emotion.

Why? Because you DIDN’T ‘borrow the money’. You MADE the money – with your Signature – and then you simply spent the money you created into existence.

That’s what REALLY happened. What really happened is that ‘they’ (that’s the Bank, Building Society, Credit Company … or other Loan Shark … they are all Loan Sharks) MADE IT LOOK as though you ‘borrowed their’ money. And they deceived you into believing that.

They deceive everyone. Constantly. All they time. And they have done this for literally centuries! (And that includes getting away with it!)

How can this be?

Well, it all comes down to: What, actually, is money … and where does it come from, in the first place?

And you need to think about the answers to these questions.

The questions that no-one ever asks. People go from cradle to grave without ever wondering what money actually is, and where it ultimately comes from.

And the answer is: It gets created into existence when someone signs a Loan Agreement (or applies for a ‘benefit’/grant, etc).

It gets created to provide the loan (or grant). Whoever is taking out the loan, is agreeing to slave away, in order to pay it all back (plus interest!). In the case of the grant, the slavery is waived, because it is not expected to be paid back. That’s the only difference.

But, where does money actually come from? The short answer to that is: Out of thin air.

How can we be sure of that? Well, we know it doesn’t fall like rain. We know there is not such a thing as a Money Tree where it grows. We know it doesn’t come from the Sun (as our heat & light comes from the Sun).

So, where did you think is comes from then? Think. Where else is there?

Have you ever heard of a company, called Money Makers Limited? Or something like that? Well, in actual fact there are three ‘organisations’ that constitute the money-creation process. These being HM Treasury (in the UK, US Treasury in the US), the Bank of England (in the UK, the Federal Reserve in the US) and the Royal Mint (in the UK).

(If you ever see a company called Money Makers Limited, or some such, go in and ask them where their ‘product’ comes from. They won’t be able to answer)

Concentrating on the UK (as the example … but everywhere in the world has the equivalent), cash coins are manufactured and issued into circulation by the Royal Mint, cash banknotes are manufactured and issued into circulation by the Bank of England.

But that’s just cash. In other words the Transferable Tokens we move around. The Transferable Tokens that REPRESENT ‘money’. Numbers, programmed into computer databases, also REPRESENT ‘money’.

Money (itself) is created by a Treasury.

And where does a Treasury (any Treasury) get it from? Thin air, was the answer. Because there is nowhere else. Have you ever heard of a ‘Money Mine’? A mine where money is extracted from the ground, like coal, oil, metals, minerals, diamonds, etc.? No? Well, that’s because there is no such thing as a ‘Money Mine’.

Money is always created out of thin air.

How is this possible? It is possible because money is nothing more than an idea. A Belief System. A psychology. A psychology that has been ingrained into our minds for centuries. And beliefs cannot be mined out of the ground, and cannot be grown like plants.

The only source for beliefs … is PSYCHOLOGY.

And the fact that everyone believes the same thing … and no-one ever thinks to question these things.

And that’s how the Money Men got away with it, and still get away with it.

Mind you, it was done in very small stages, until enough generations had no knowledge whatsoever of what it was like before the advent of money. By 2009, this has all been lost in the mists of time.

But what has not been lost is: The Truth. That’s not been lost, because it is just plain Common Sense.

No-one can tell you where money actually comes from, for the simple reason it has no source. It has no source because it does not, actually, exist.

Only in our beliefs do we give money some existence. But they are nothing more than fanciful ideas in our heads. ‘Dreams’ is another word to describe money.

But, by means if these ingrained mirages, ‘they’ (the Loan Sharks, the Banksters) made you work to pay back something that did not, actually, exist. They used these ingrained mirages to put you to work. Actually to keep you (and everyone else) enslaved, without realising it.

To keep you in a prison-without-bars – firmly believing you are free. But you were not. You were completely enslaved, just like everyone else. Just because you could not see the bars, does not mean they were not there – any more than the fact that you can’t see air, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If the air were not there, you could not breathe.

Yes, the bars are there all right. Even though you can’t see them, and don’t believe in them. Those bars are deeply ingrained into your psyche. And that’s what’s making you feel guilty.

If you could see the bars you would not be feeling guilty. You would be seething with anger at having been so entrapped for your entire life.

Do not attempt to use this software if you can’t see though the psychological charade. Pass it to someone else to use, and stay enslaved.

Or read and re-read what’s been said above, until it finally dawns on you.

On the other hand, if you can understand the charade, then you will be able to use this software to the full. In doing so you will be breaking out of that prison-without-the-bars.

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