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9th January, 2010

Recorded Delivery
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Dear Sirs,

 Notice and Demand
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.

Regarding Reference: Reference or Account, your correspondence dated 15th January, 2009.

Please read the following Notice thoroughly and carefully before responding. It is a notice. It informs you. It means what it says.

Thank you for your letter of 15th January, 2009. It has come to my attention that there may be deficiencies in any alleged contract between us. If that is the case, it brings into question the validity of your claim and any contract between us. Therefore, I hereby give you notice that there is a question regarding the validity of any contract between us. In order to be satisfied that any such contract is valid, I therefore require the following:

1. Validation of the debt (the actual accounting and full statements for the life of the account);
2. Verification of your claim against me (a sworn affidavit or a hand signed invoice);
3. A copy of a lawfully-binding contract between us, showing equal considerations from each party's own resources, and including evidence of intent to contract.

I hereby give you ten (10) days to reply to this notice from the date you receive this communication with a notice sent using recorded post and signed under full commercial liability and penalty of perjury, assuring and promising me that all of the replies and details given to the above requests are true, correct and complete and without deception, fraud or mischief. Your failure to provide all of the aforementioned documentation in the manner described within ten (10) days from the date you receive this communication constitutes your agreement to the following terms:

1. That the debt did not exist in the first place;
2. It has already been paid in full;
3. Any contract was voidable from the start.
4. That you accept liability for any damages I suffer as a result of your actions;
5. That any negative remarks made to a credit reference agency have been removed and that you will so inform me within thirty (30) days from the date you receive this communication;
6. You abandon your claim and will pursue this matter no further.

Please be advised that I am keeping a written record of all correspondence in this regard and therefore do not consent to discuss this matter over the telephone. Any future communications must be written, otherwise you are hereby given notice that they will be ignored without dishonour on my part. Any telephone calls regarding this matter, whether by an actual person, or a computerised system, or personal visits; will be deemed harassment and dealt with accordingly.

Any previous acknowledgement by me of any alleged debt is hereby withdrawn as having been obtained under duress.

Please notice that the commonly accepted principles of good faith demand that if you have any reasonable objections to this Notice and Demand, that you immediately state any and all such objections and not harbour any hidden objections with which to surprise me later. Therefore it is my reasonable expectation that should you not offer any specific objections to any part of this Notice and Demand, sent to me by recorded delivery within ten (10) days from your receipt of same, that I may presume your agreement to the above terms.

I will presume silence to mean acquiescence in all these matters.

Yours sincerely without ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

User: of the Signature family
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural, Inalienable Human Rights reserved.