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5th January, 2010

Recorded Delivery
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Dear Sirs,

 Notice of Default
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.

Regarding Reference: Reference or Account, your correspondence dated 15th January, 2009.

Please read the following Notice thoroughly and carefully before responding. It is a notice. It informs you. It means what it says.

Re: Notice of Fault of 10th January, 2009.

On 12th January, 2009 you received my above-referenced Notice of Fault. Said correspondence contained Notice requiring you to present specifically demanded evidence as detailed in my original Notice and Demand. Said evidence was reasonably demanded in order to verify any claims you may have against me. You were given thirty (30) additional days to present such evidence, or to abandon your claims. This was in addition to the thirty (30) days granted by my original Notice and Demand.

As you have failed to provide the aforementioned documentation to validate the claim within the thirty (30) days requested in my last correspondence, you have abandoned your claim and we are now in agreement to, and have a lawfully binding tacit contract,

1. that you are or were a third party interloper;
2. that you have or had no legal standing;
3. that you have or had no first-hand knowledge of this matter;
4. that your claim is or was fraudulent;
5. that you will pursue this matter no further.
Further, you agree:
6. that you accept liability for any damages I suffer or suffered as a result of your actions;
7. that any negative remarks made to a credit reference agency will be removed and confirmation of said removal sent to me within thirty days of this communication;

In keeping with court rules and my abundant show of good faith in this matter, you are hereby given ten (10) days within which to dispute this Default by presenting any reasonable objections you may have. If such time elapses without responsive answer from you, then all your rights to any claim in this matter shall hereafter forever be extinguished; any and all obligations I may have had in this matter shall be forever discharged; and this Default shall stand,  - res judicata.

I hereby demand that you move to immediately correct any libel or slander which you, your agents or assigns may have committed against me and that you cease and desist from disclosing false information about this account in future. Alleging to anyone whatsoever that this matter is connected with a valid debt which might be subject to lawful collection is false information. You have been given notice. Failure to comply will be evidence of malicious actions against me and done with full knowledge. Further you know, or should know, that any attempt on the part of yourselves, or your agents and assigns, to create a negative credit report in my name, or assign an alleged debt in my name would and will constitute libel.

Your intention to create a negative credit report was indicated in your letter of 1st January, 2009. If such action was taken, in light of the above my name and reputation has been damaged during the intervening period and I will consider my options accordingly.

I will presume silence to mean acquiescence in all these matters.

Yours sincerely without ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

User: of the Signature family
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural, Inalienable Human Rights reserved.